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    Steppin' Up

    You've stepped into existence. Welcome to Silent Ground.
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    "You get your clothes on!!!" Add an Avatar!
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    Tuned In

    Do you even have a tv?
  4. 1

    Golden Raspberry

    "Worst in Film", Goof!
  5. 1

    Entertainingly Eye-Catching

    How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?
  6. 2

    Nonconforming Nincompoop

    Rec'd 20+ Negative Post Ratings!
  7. 3

    ♫ HPD ♫

    Happy Birthday!
  8. 10

    Unbiased Uploader

    Rrec'd 20+ Neutral Post Ratings
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    What's Static? Is it snowing?
  10. 10

    MTV Movie

    Fake Shemp!
  11. 10

    Gratifyingly Groovy

    You are not illiterate.
  12. 10

    Monthly Donator

  13. 15

    Day Time Emmy

    Can we get some rabbit ears over here?
  14. 15


    "Best Film NOT PLAYING at a theater near you." Freeze Frame!
  15. 15

    Copacetic Crowd-pleaser

    Someone has Googled you recently.
  16. 25

    Prime Time Emmy

    Anybody got some tin foil?
  17. 25


  18. 25

    Diplomaticly Delightful

    The rubber bands are heading in the right direction.
  19. 50

    Mesmeric Magnet

    Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?
  20. 50

    The Peabody Award

    Now we've got the receiver turned on! How many channels we gettin'?
  21. 50

    People's Choice

    Now we're gettin' somewhere! "CAMERA!!!"
  22. 75

    Bob Hope Humanitarian Award

    You've earned the original cabled remote, called the Lazy Bone. Let's get to channel surfing! Visited Couch Tater yet?
  23. 75

    Critic's Choice

    "ACTION!" Members of SG are recognizing your efforts!
  24. 75

    Fetchingly Favorable

    What is a picture of a thousand words worth?
  25. 100

    Community Member

    You have completed 100% of your profile setup. Welcome to the community.
  26. 120

    Yearly Donator

    Yearly supporter, must donate $120 per year.
  27. 125

    Governor's Award

    "Alert the media! We're broadcasting now!!!" SilentGround & Couch Tater appreciate your contributions!
  28. 125

    Golden Globe

    "That's a wrap!" Thanks for the entertainment from SilentGround and CouchTater!
  29. 125

    Pleasingly Preferred

    What is a picture of a thousand words worth?
  30. 250

    Siskel & Ebert

    5000+ TMDb Reels
  31. 250

    Nielsen Nympho

    "You've really made the grade. And the papers want to know whose shirt you wear." - David Bowie
    CouchTater SilentGround CouchTater SilentGround
  32. 250

    Socially Satisfying

    Can you buy an entire chess set in a pawn shop?
  33. 600

    King of The Castle

    Trophy for reaching 600 points, Well done and thanks for all your support
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